Sensortech Services

Sensortech offers an array of services for existing clients or future Sensortech customers. Our reputation for customer satisfaction has been built with superior quality instruments and the unmatched support that compliments their performance.

The following are among the services Sensortech provides:

Product Support
Free product support for the life of the instrument. Many of our clients find this to be the greatest benefit of being a Sensortech customer. We receive requests for assistance on a daily basis. Whether your instrument is 30 years old or purchased just yesterday Sensortech’s moisture measurement and control specialists are at your disposal.

Startup Assistance
Sensortech specialists are commonly found on-location at our clients site providing system commissioning, hardware calibrations, product calibrations and instrument training. We ensure your process is fine tuned for moisture measurement and control from day one.

Calibration Services
Your receipt of a Sensortech instrument will include a turnkey package with our calibration services. Calibration services are included with the purchase of your instrument. Simply receive the pre-calibrated moisture sensor and install into your process.

Instrument Training
Sensortech instruments have a wide range of functionality. Most clients find that the central operating features suffice for their application. Instrument training is offered for advanced users looking to exploit the full range of features and provides valuable insight into the theory, operation and application of the instrument.

System Upgrades
Sensortech instruments hold their value. Trade-in your older Sensortech instrument and receive a generous trade-in value toward the purchase of a new and upgraded model. Sensortech’s philosophy of product engineering is guided by the process of continuous improvement. Implementing incremental and breakthrough improvements for every Sensortech instrument guarantees that you will receive the latest advancement in moisture measurement and control technology.



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