At first glance this may be considered a problem or, at least something to be compensated for.  Both ST-2200 and ST-3300 are equipped with temperature compensation inputs.  In practice, in an on-line application, process conditions tend not to vary too significantly at any fixed point in the process. 

Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) technology employs Near Infrared wavelengths to provide a surface measurement of your product’s moisture composition. A well distributed moisture composition presents an opportunity for a fast, easy and dynamic measurement of virtually any product.

Moisture control is an important aspect of the manufacturing processes How our customers may benefit from moisture measurement and control is the most critical part of understanding Sensortech’s instrument technology.

IR vs RF

Determining the proper type of moisture sensor is essential to the accuracy of your moisture measurement.

Radio Frequency (RF) technology uses an RF Dielectric Measurement to analyze the moisture composition of your product. The effect of moisture distribution is greatly minimized due to the RF energy deeply penetrating

Abstract Inspiration for this article came from a recent visit to a glass fiber manufacturer who was evaluating the use of an IR instrument to continually measure and potentially control the moisture of glass fiber products through different stages of manufacture. The instrument had been evaluated for a number of weeks and a considerable volume […]

The new design bolsters the strengths of the original model and incorporates features drawn from our engineering group, industry partners and feedback from our valued customer base.

Before presenting the various moisture measurements, it is important to define moisture content. Moisture content is normally expressed as a percentage by weight of either total product (wet basis) or dry product (dry basis). Wet Basis Moisture Content: M = 100 x (Wet Weight – Dry Weight) / Wet Weight Dry Basis Moisture Content: M […]

The next generation of Sensortech’s IR moisture analyzers provide the highest level of precision measurement and reliable performance. The NIR-6000 Series Analyzers have been developed for industrial manufacturers requiring precision and reliability in their moisture measurement and control systems. Sensortech recognizes that every manufacturing process is unique and have integrated the latest advancements in IR […]