Real-time Moisture Control for Biomass: Wood Chips

Reducing the moisture content of biomass is a primary consideration to improve combustion efficiency and control. Reduction of moisture content dramatically increases power in relation to the weight of the biomass. The drying process of biomass to a target moisture range must first consider the starting moisture range of the incoming biomass.

Configure NIR Series Dual Constituent Product Calibration Codes for Coating and Moisture This video is a demonstration of how to configure your Sensortech NIR Series Analyzer for product calibration and its associated constituents. For this demonstration, we will be configuring a dual constituent NIR-6001 Analyzer to measure coating and moisture. Additionally, we will be setting […]

Gypsum Board Dry End Transfer Moisture Control

Locating an ST-3300 Open Frame sensor at the dry-end transfer provides a cross board moisture profile of gypsum board. This is an alternative method of measuring the moisture profile.