Our newly designed IP67 harsh environment analyzer, NIR-6300,  was featured in the February 2018 edition of Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine.

NIR-6300 - Harsh Environment Moisture AnalyzerOur highlighted analyzer is specifically fortified for manufacturing environments that require rigorous wash-downs, water immersion, extreme temperatures, or similar severe settings. Incorporating online, real-time moisture measurement and control, the core features of our NIR-6000 base, the NIR-6300 combines the advantages of  a rugged #316 stainless steel enclosure and an IP67 ingress protection rating.

Additionally, a key design upgrade addresses the unique challenges associated with system cooling in highly elevated temperatures. If condensation occurs within our NIR-6300, a desiccant cartridge absorbs resulting moisture, leaving the instrument interior dry, protecting the electronics.

Because the NIR-6300 is engineered for quality and durability, it is the optimal choice for powdered and bulk solids processing.

If you’re attending the 2018 Powder & Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition, stop by booth 2915 for a demonstration of the NIR-6300 IP67.

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