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Why Analyze Multiple Constituents in Paper and Converting Industry?

Paper production and packaging converting processes require effective film and coating thickness measurements for consistent product properties and end-use performance. Moisture content in paper changes dramatically throughout the manufacturing process, requiring tight control of energy-intensive drying steps.

Additionally, since basis weight and moisture content are critical quality variables, effective control of such constituents can significantly improve paper quality, increase production rate, and reduce waste and energy consumption. While Sensortech instruments are known primarily for moisture measurement, our IR series instruments can be customized and accurately configured to measure a number constituents other than moisture.

Thickness Control and Basis Weight

NIR-6600 Measures Coat Weight for Paper IndustryA common application of our instruments include the coat weight or lamination of paper. Additionally, our analyzers can also be configured to measure basis weight and coating consistency with the application only needing a simple modification to the instrument calibration.

Simple Operation

Whether your requirement is to measure moisture, coat weight, basis weight or to maintain coating consistency you can be assured that a Sensortech instrument will provide a real-time continuous measurement where you need it. Once installed and properly calibrated your IR analyzer is ready for operation.

Latest IR Technology

The NIR-6600 Series analyzer provides converting specialists with an effective process management and control tool. Sensortech’s NIR-6600 Series precision instruments incorporate the latest advances in NIR technology.

Real-Time Measurement

Moisture measurement, coat weight, basis weight and coating consistency are all measured in real-time providing in-line control capability. Sensortech’s standard of precision measurement and reliable performance greatly enhance measurement and control of paper, nonwovens, films and other specialty web converting applications.

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