Sports Nutrition

Online NIR Measurement for Nutritional Powder Manufacturing

Whether you manufacture whey, soy, vegetable, or other nutriceutical powder; constant quality monitoring is key to eliminating variations in your critical product components. Sensortech Systems analyzers can simultaneously measure protein, oil and moisture to ensure consistent and high-quality product outcomes, batch after batch.

Quality control is a primary consideration to manufacturers of sports nutrition products. Consistency is the key to quality in terms of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The cGMP standards are an excellent guideline for manufacturers of sports nutritional supplements to follow to guarantee the highest quality product is produced at any given time.

Moisture Measurement is critical in sport nutrition powder manufacturingSimultaneous Moisture | Protein | Oil Measurement

If you manufacture nutraceuticals, protein powders or any other dietary supplement, you know the importance of producing a high quality product. Reducing or eliminating variations of product components such as moisture, protein and oil during the manufacturing process improves the overall standard of quality. Percent moisture is a component that is easily regulated provided you have the correct tools for measurement.

How do you know your product is meeting your quality standards?

Your customers depend on your products’ effectiveness and consistency. Do you know if your product is meeting your quality standards? There are many approaches to improving the consistency of sports nutrition products. Taking samples periodically to the lab for testing is one method to determine the composition of your product. Another effective method includes the real-time measurement of your product as it is being manufactured.

Sensortech offers solutions to both approaches.

Hygenic moisture analyzer for measuring moisture in food.Food-grade Online Measurement and Process Control

The NIR-6100 Food Grade Analyzer provides continuous measurements in real-time in process. Instant measurements facilitate the ability to make immediate changes to your process and maintain product consistency as it is being manufactured.The stainless steel enclosure reinforces the sanitary operation of the instrument. This feature is suited to pharma grade applications.

Real-time, Non-contact Measurement with NIR Online SensorsSensortech Systems - NIR-6000 Moisture Analyzer

The NIR-6000 Industrial-Grade Analyzer benefits powder manufacturers with real-time, continuous measurement, combined with the ability to make immediate adjustments during the process. Our sensor employs near infrared reflectance (NIR) which is continuous, non-contact and non-destructive. Your process and your product is never compromised. The nature of the technology is non-contact so there is no physical contact between the analyzer and the measured product.

NIR-6500 Lab Analyzer for moisture measurementLaboratory Analysis for Nutritional Powder Measurement

The NIR-6500 Laboratory Analyzer is a benchtop analyzer that provides immediate testing results on command. Simply take a sample from your manufacturing process, place it in the sample container, position the container on the testbed and receive an instant measurement of your product. The NIR-6500 enables real-time data logging with sample name, date and time stamp. You can also export your data to Excel, if needed.

Sensortech Standard

Sensortech Systems, Inc. is the global standard in moisture measurement and control. We have been a pioneering force in the industry for over 34 years whose instruments have a reputation for durability, reliability, maintainability, and superior specifications and performance. Our engineering philosophy is firmly rooted in our commitment to the process of continuous improvement of our instruments. This philosophy guarantees that you are receiving the latest developments in IR technology currently available.