Coating thickness and basis weight NIR analyzer

Premium grade IR analyzer designed exclusively for online coating thickness measurements including constituents of coat weight and basis weight.Measures thickness, coat weight and basis weight

Real-Time Thickness Measurement

Sensortech’s NIR-6600 Series are premium grade IR analyzers designed exclusively for online coating thickness measurements including constituents of coat weight and basis weight. Offering a non-contact measurement, real-time data and maintenance free operation tailored to your application the NIR-6600 yields superior performance at a great price.

Film and Coating Thickness

Converting processes require effective film and coating thickness measurements for their web. The requirement for a continuous thickness measurement spans across many industries, applications and materials. Online thickness gauging in real time using the NIR-6600 provides a critical process control safeguard that is essential to maintaining product consistency.

IR Technology

Sensortech Systems, Inc. have been a pioneering force in the industry for over 30 years whose instruments have a reputation for durability, reliability, maintainability, and superior specifications and performance. Our engineering philosophy is firmly rooted in our commitment to the process of continuous improvement of our instruments. This philosophy guarantees that you are receiving the latest developments in IR technology currently available.

Coating Thickness Sensor

Sensortech’s NIR-6600 Series Analyzer leverages our core competency in senor engineering through a series of advancements cultivated through years of research and development. These advancements include numerous improvements in the optical design of the instrument that facilitate superior overall performance.

New Design Features:

  • Redesigned optical framework significantly reduces influence of ambient noise.
  • Isolated optic paths improve overall accuracy of measurement.
  • Superior transmission hardware increases the intensity of the measurement.
  • Modified transmission path improves product height sensitivity.
  • New modular construction further reinforces durability and reliability.
  • Upgraded Power Supply to support supplementary options and accessories.

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