Online Moisture Sensor on Screw Conveyor Often, Sensortech has requests for a screw auger installation of the NIR-6000.  This video demonstrates one of our many applications.

NIR Moisture Sensor using Flange Mounted Sapphire Window with Gauge Mount NIR-6000 Moisture Analyzer mounted to the bottom of a U-Trough Auger.

How to Calibrate IR Moisture Analyzer This video is a demonstration of how to pre-calibrate your IR Moisture Analyzer for online applications.

Online Moisture of Trash and Waste

IR Analyzer measuring the moisture of waste online and real time.

NIR Moisture Measurement of Sludge

It’s dynamic technology and easy installation provides significant cost saving and productivity enhancing benefits. The range of communication protocols, intelligent sampling methods, and software utilities of the NIR 6000 Series facilitate the integration of moisture management into your process control system.