The NIR-6100 answers food processors’ need for a rugged, stable, and hygienic moisture measurement gauge for process control and quality assurance.

NIR-6300 Harsh Environment AnalyzerOxnard, CA — May 16, 2018 — Sensortech Systems, a California-based industrial technology firm specializing in moisture measurement and process control, is pleased to announce the debut of the NIR-6100 Food-Grade Moisture Analyzer. The fortified analyzer enables real-time, non-invasive moisture measurement in sanitary food processing environments with extreme temperatures, excessive dust and debris, or environments requiring corrosive wash-downs.

“From our vast engineering experience and customer feedback, we understood the need for a rugged moisture gauge that supports industries where measurement and process control are required but are too extreme for standard technological tools to function accurately,” says Colin Hanson, Sensortech Systems’ founder and president.

The NIR-6100 Food-Grade Moisture Analyzer features include:

  • #316 stainless-steel enclosure
    • Durable – withstands pitting and corrosion unlike nickel-plated measurement gauges
    • Hygienic – can be disinfected with high temperature wash-downs
  • Sapphire glass optics
    • Ultrahard inert, nonporous, nontoxic, resistant to scratching
  • IP67 and NEMA 4X rated
    • Meets testing standards for protection against corrosion, ingress of solid foreign objects, i.e., dust, hose-directed water
  • Integrated cooling system
    • Protects the internal electronics from high temperatures

The analyzer utilizes the fundamental near-infrared-reflectance (NIR) measurement technology from the stalwart NIR-6000 Industrial-Grade Analyzer. The Food-Grade Moisture Analyzer has added premium features including high-efficiency optics, replaceable desiccator and a stainless-steel remote I/O junction box. In addition to moisture levels, the analyzer can also measure other constituents such as protein, fats or oil, and coating weight or thickness.

“Food processing environments hostile to precision instruments benefit from robust devices. The NIR-6100 is the answer for food processing plants requiring online, non-contact moisture measurement and process control to meet the quality outcome for food goods,” Hanson continues.

Using standardized cabling, the NIR-6100 integrates with a wide range of communication protocols that can be configured by Sensortech’s proprietary PC-based software package. Plant operators or quality assurance managers can adjust their production processes in real-time; saving time, optimizing energy, reducing waste, and assuring consistent quality.

Incorporated since 1983, Sensortech Systems, Inc. is an innovator and manufacturer of measurement and control instruments and has become a global leader in applied moisture measurement technologies. Headquartered in southern California, Sensortech has additional offices in Europe and China.

NIR-6800 Tobacco Grade Moisture Analyzer

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IR Moisture Analyzer – Operating Principle

Here we see an NIR-6000 industrial grade moisture analyzer mounted on a base and stand next to an OI-6000 HMI Operator Interface to demonstrate a real time moisture measurement. The product being measured is clay but the product could just as easily be represented by foundry sand, potato chips, wood chips, potash or any other material. What we are interested in is the moisture in the product. Moisture is immediately detected by the analyzer when water is added to the product.

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It’s dynamic technology and easy installation provides significant cost saving and productivity enhancing benefits. The range of communication protocols, intelligent sampling methods, and software utilities of the NIR 6000 Series facilitate the integration of moisture management into your process control system.