The NIR-6100 answers food processors’ need for a rugged, stable, and hygienic moisture measurement gauge for process control and quality assurance. Oxnard, CA — May 16, 2018 — Sensortech Systems, a California-based industrial technology firm specializing in moisture measurement and process control, is pleased to announce the debut of the NIR-6100 Food-Grade Moisture Analyzer. The […]

NIR-6800 Tobacco Grade Moisture Analyzer The NIR-6800 Series Moisture Analyzers are designed for the continuous monitoring of tobacco moisture, nicotine, sugar, and other constituents. Its rugged design provides accurate, real-time and non-contact measurements in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Online Moisture of Trash and Waste

IR Analyzer measuring the moisture of waste online and real time.

IR Moisture Analyzer – Operating Principle Here we see an NIR-6000 industrial grade moisture analyzer mounted on a base and stand next to an OI-6000 HMI Operator Interface to demonstrate a real time moisture measurement. The product being measured is clay but the product could just as easily be represented by foundry sand, potato chips, […]

NIR Moisture Measurement of Sludge

It’s dynamic technology and easy installation provides significant cost saving and productivity enhancing benefits. The range of communication protocols, intelligent sampling methods, and software utilities of the NIR 6000 Series facilitate the integration of moisture management into your process control system.