Coat and Basis Weight Measurement Solutions at #PackExpo18

NIR Measurement Technology Designed for the Packaging Industry— Booth #506Sensortech will be exhibiting at the Healthcare Packaging Expo 2018

To maintain high quality and maximum efficiency, packaging and converting industry pros should focus on monitoring moisture, as well as coating thickness and basis weight. The most effective solution to meet this target is real-time measurement that enables automatic control the manufacturing process, producing a consistently high-quality product.

Sensortech Systems’ instruments have been the global standard in industrial measurement and control for over 35 years. Our comprehensive product line provides real-time results, so you receive continuous data without the need to take samples to the laboratory and wait hours for the results. Our instruments use near infrared reflectance (NIR) technology and are highly effective tools for moisture control, coating and basis weight measurement. Return on investment is typically achieved within two to three months after installation.

NIR-6600 Technology – Designed Exclusively for Coating Thickness and Basis WeightNIR-6600 Coat and Basis Weight Moisture Analyzer

Sensortech offers the most comprehensive specialized NIR industrial analyzer line. The NIR-6600 Industrial Thickness Analyzers are premium grade NIR analyzers designed exclusively for the packaging, paper and converting industries. Primary (or target) applications are online coating thickness measurements, including constituents of coat weight and basis weight, using a non-contact measurement, real-time data and maintenance-free operation tailored specifically to your application the NIR-6600 yields superior performance at a great price.

Finally, how our customers may benefit from measurement and control is the most critical part of understanding the value of Sensortech’s instruments and technology. Our existing clients already know the importance of our technology in their process, but the following points can never be overstated:

  • Effective process control.
  • Increase product consistency.
  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Reduce product waste.
  • Improve quality control.
  • Raise product quality.
  • Reduce water consumption.
  • Increase overall productivity.
  • Boost profitability.
  • Product analysis.

To learn more and to view a demonstration of our instruments in action, visit us at PackExpo/Healthcare Packaging Expo at booth #506. Email, call 805-981-3735 and visit

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