Sensortech will be exhibiting moisture measurement instruments at Snaxpo18.Free to SNAXPO18 attendees! Valued at $2,000


OI 6000

The OI-6000 is an intelligent interactive display used to interface to your IR Series Moisture Analyzer. It features a range of administrative controls, diagnostic tools, and moisture management settings that provide real-time access to your analyzers central functions while it is in operation. The OI-6000 has a touch interface, color display and runs on a Windows CE operating system.

A single point connection to your IR Series analyzer provides power and communication to your OI-6000. This feature offers hassle free installation and easy setup.

Offer valid with purchase of a Sensortech Systems online moisture analyzer.

Limited time offer: good until June 30, 2018, for SNAXPO18 attendees only.

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